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and, even granting there was a goo▓d deal of misery, how could it ●be helped, but if Herbert Gresham thou▓ght it might be, no doubt the●re was more in it than they believed, and very m●any other similar speeches, onl●y excited his contempt. We▓ must change the scene, for ou●

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r space will not allow us more ●than a slight sketch: a momentary ●glance, as it were, on things passing d●aily, hourly around, and yet seen, known of●, by how few! Four or five days after Lad●y Gresham’s fête, Miss Nev●ille might have been seen entering one of● those small, close, back streets, fou▓nd even in the aristocratic west, and wh▓ose dilapidated dwellings present ●almost as great a contrast with the proud mansio▓ns which surround and concea●l them as the inhabitants themselv●es. It was a poor old needlewoman whom▓ Lucy was visiting, and, surpris

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